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I may just try to make it! (And drag along a friend or two.) It's the boy's CD release weekend though, so things are hectic. xoxo Ellie


i'm totally going to be famous now. you rock, caro!

can't wait until saturday. remind to tell you my forest whitaker story next time. it's a good one.

i still can't believe i experienced that moment with jake. crazy!


That sounds like fun! I may try and make it.


I'll totally be there! Yay beers and pointy sticks--perfect combo


Oh, man. I so wish I could be there! Maybe I can get you to meet me 1/2 way near the holidays when I'll be visiting the fam in San Antonio. I promise to talk to you both about global politics and US Weekly.


aww. I wish I could come and play- that sounds like a fabulous way to spend a Saturday!
Have fun

Elizabeth K

bah! I have to be elsewhere on Saturday. I'm never going to get to knit with cool people.


OOH sounds like fun, too bad I live to far away or I'd be there in a flash! So now that I've read your About Me, I see why you say Mum, and Gram, and quote temps in celcius. Duh, me! :))

Hope you have a great knitting time!

Dale Anne

OH - I wish I could be there to ask any of you if you would swap knitted socks for cotton fabrics....
I LOVE knitted socks!!!


It was great meeting you today! Loved your shirt!


*sob* I'm still so bummed I could not make it over to Austin. Mike leaving for The Holland took priority though, and I guess I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork or something like that? ;-) Anyways... hope it was fun. 11/11 - I'll be there!


Sounds like a blast -- too bad Northern CA and Austin are so far apart. Could someone please give me their best M1 method though? I'm currently at a loss and all my increases are producing ugly holes. It appears that I've been away from the needles for too long.


I wanna come!

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