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Wow, the Silk Garden is such a great chioce for the lofty scarf....hmmmm, going to Hill Country Weavers at lunch for another skein for my Dad's scarf...may NEED to wander over Noro way.


Queue Napolean...Lucky! That has only happened to me once (going back to get more yarn and actually finding the right stuff) and it was glorious enough to have me hugging the saleschick. Hot scarf!


I don't know if it's the photographs or the colorway, but this is a lovely combination of pattern, texture and color. I'm probably the only person on earth who hasn't got the clap yet and this post is making me want it, too!


I'm loving the Silk Garden for Clapotis!! *sigh* I must knit with this yarn one day.

miss ewe

Wow! First you inspire my Wavy scarf, now I have to go and make another Clapotis in this colourway! Beautifully done.

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