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That's beautiful! I love it.


Nice clap! I love the silk garden. It softens and floofs when you wash it.


That's just wonderfully lovely!

Now, tell me.... Were you disappointed in the Noro? I have some silk garden and I'm really annoyed at how not soft it is.


Love it! If you make another one will it become a back for the Wavy?


beautiful scarf! very nice. good luck giving it away at the holidays. ;)


wow that is pretty enought o convince me the clap ain't so bad.


Clap, clap indeed! It's gorgeous!


I love that colorway! And Susan's right... her Silk Garden cardigan definitely softened up and is lurvely now.


LOVE the colorway! I really like the clap as a scarf too, more so than the original.


Oh my gosh - I think that's the most beautiful Clapotis I've ever seen - the Noro definitely suits it.


Caro, that looks lovely. Now I know what to do with the silk garden that I have in my stash. But how are you going to be able to give it away?


hi caro, that's lovely! i have 3 skeins of one colorway of kureyon...i wonder if it would make a nice mini-clap scarf? how many repeats of the straight rows did you make? i am currently working on an almost-full-size clapotis in silk garden (with 6 skeins) and i am really enjoying it.

i made an edgar scarf (from knitty) back in january or february from silk garden. i was not impressed with the yarn--as you said, many twigs, knots, etc. but these new skeins i am working with now have been fine. perhaps the mfrs. *are* listening! :)


So are you going to give someone the clap? Or will you have the clap? It might be nice to share the clap, in fact you could bring it to a meetup and share the clap with all of us.


Thanks Abbe! I'd like to give EVERYONE the clap. Maybe I'll start tonight over manybeers. That's how the clap is usually shared, right? Over alcohol? Haha!


that's a gorgeous version of the clap. such a wonderful pattern, don't you think?


what a gorgeous colourway!! i'm working on clap #4, also in silk garden...isn't it the greatest? although i must say, i'm quite jealous about the cost of yours vs. the cost of mine. there's something to be said about yarn shopping in the US :((


Will you be sharing the clap at Kid & Ewe? Or will the clap be gone by then? I hope not, I would like to see the clap in person.

*snort* Ball. (Made you giggle, didn't it?)

I love it, and it is making me want to bust out my silk garden and knit with it.


beautiful! i love the way it worked up in that pattern. did you already wash it? it looks super-drapey.


Pretty! I'm always amazed at how soft Silk Garden is, since the other noro varieties tend to be on the crunchy side.


thanks for sharing the clap with us last night.

and thanks for listening and chipping in and a great time!

i can't wait to start in on my clap now. good times.


Very nice! I'm going to have to make another one - I lost my other in a dark parking lot while digging for a ringing cell phone. Damn cell phones! Yeah, the light issue is getting to be a pain. Guess I'll have to do lunchtime photo shoots in the parking lot at work or trekking throught the state park.


I love the Noro colorway you chose for your Clapotis! It's absolutely lucious! I'd be wanting one for myself too!


Simply beautiful! I love the colors and the somewhat rustic look of the Noro. Yum!


Gorgeous clappy. Your site is beautiful. I'm so glad you dropped by so I could find you!


Wow, the Silk Garden is such a great chioce for the lofty scarf....hmmmm, going to Hill Country Weavers at lunch for another skein for my Dad's scarf...may NEED to wander over Noro way.

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