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haha i love your photo shoot.


OOOOOOO! Look how pretty! I like how your feet are in the exact same position in all the photos!!! Yay for sock knitting!!


I love how you make all of your socks short. You must have lots of leftover sock yarn. What do you do with it?


Man, look at you go! Those babies are beautiful. I am so intimidated by socks. They seem so precise and tiny!


those are beautiful! i love the colours!


I love your photo shoots too - same pose different socks! I am so glad that you joined the sock knitting ranks! You have some lovely pairs, and many more on the way, I just know it. Thanks for answering the questions too ;)



You and I have very similar taste -- I'm working on socks in the red/pink/black vesper right now, and have the crew colorway queued up after that. I dig your photos -- do you take them with a timer or have a good photographer?


Happy Thanksgiving, Caro!


I really like that you are taking your sock pictures in the same way- it helps show off the differences and similarities... I can't wait to see the pink/red/black pair you are working on~

Your designs are really cool! I love how they are colorful!

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