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love the picture of the gals!
sounds like you made the best of your pretend autumn day...


I love that fabric. And rumor is we might have a touch of fall this week.


Awesome. Love the fabric choice and that top photo is so great!


that fabric is fabulous.

i absolutely love old photos like that. what a great shot of those ladies.


Happy Thanksgiving, Caro! And you know, you'll be able to wear socks on Thursday without sweating. Woo hoo!


Ooo, pretty! Love that fabric!


Fabulous crochet hook case and photo! Love it!


Happy Thanksgiving, Caro. It's bloody hot here too, and even though I got up thinking, it's Thanksgiving Day! Fall! I can wear corduroy trousers and handknit wool socks!, sadly it was not so. The socks are in my satchel now. I shoulda known.

What's happening on Thursday? Are you going somewhere cold?


what a great way to keep your hooks tidy, it's gorgeous!

and I love the picture of your grandmother and her sisters, they look like they would be so fun to hang out with


I got your fall right here lady. It's been in the 30s at night and I have a pile of unfinished sweaters lying around--the grass is always greener I guess.
Nice hook book thing. I need something like that for my circulars--they're a lethal looking mess right now.


Man those are really cute! I wish that one or two would actually handle my needle issues. I think it would take 20. Hey are you gonna do the Stalker Angie gig on Saturday? It starts at 11, at Opel Devines.


Wish I had me some of that fab pink fabric. It's very cool. You always have the best ideas and GREAT execution. Thanks for sharing!


hey, it was 80 degrees here on monday!

i love the picture of your grandmother and her sisters. and the crochet book. that's awesome.


Not to be a big fat ruiner, but I've been using the needle case you made me as a house for my crochet hooks too. I won't lie, it's getting crowded in there. But I love it so much! It's absolutely the best way to organize and stash your knitting/crocheting tools. I need another one. Perhaps I wander to the shop...

i LOVE THAT PHOTO OF MY MOM AND HER SISTERS! this is my first time reading your blog. I'll be a regular from now on. Donna

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