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Draft it out! Grab a beer, some nachos and put that perfect man sweater on paper.


Hey girl, it was good to see you the other night at Opal Divines! Hope to see you again soon for a glitterati meeting!


That yarn is gorgeous! You must start that project soon. The husband deserves the perfect man sweater. It's gonna be cold soon. And if it's not, I'm sure you guys will have to visit Canada some time or other. Been in a quandry myself lately.


Well, if the yarn is anything to judge from, I think it'll be fab whenever it makes its earthly appearance. Gorgeous colors.


This is why I love my blogging craft peeps! Caro - you just made me feel better about only having made ONE, count 'em, ONE knitted item for my husband in my career as a sometimes sweatshop-esque knitter/crocheter. I feel bad, too, but I feel like I want whatever he's parading around in to be the nicest, bestest, most want-inducing knitted item to ever grace this great earth. In case anyone asks where he got it, you know. So he can say, MY WIFE made it for me!

Either way - I'm with Susan, get a beer and bang that puppy out. I know it'll be amazing and we'll all be in awe of your greatness. :)


Lucky for me, my husband doesn't wear sweaters. No guilt.

When I read "hip sweater for The Husband" I immediately thought of brooklyntweed's sweater. Then I saw that you were already on it. It looks so cool! I love the yarn you've chosen. I can't wait to see it knitted up.


I hear you I was just going over my "must knit now" and then my WIP list, long, very long.....


I LOVE that yarn, what is it? I think it will make a gorgeous sweater for the husbeast *smile*


I've got at least two unfinished sweaters which were met by non-enthusiasm by DH. He is now the proud owner of a knitted waistcoat though.

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