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You might have taken the idea for the colors from that fabric, but the way you arranged the pieces is still very clever and beautiful.
I love it!


I love it! Brown and turquoise is one of my current favorite color combinations, but I think it's the orange that really makes it. Bravo!


Good ideas should be used more than once!

Your quilt looks lovely :)


the quilt looks fabulous. i adore all of those colors together. i agree with kwugirl. good ideas should be used more than once.


I noticed the wristlets right away when I saw the shot on Flickr. The quilt also reminded me of the uber fabulous business card holder I have. I'm all about the brown and blue these days.

Nothing to do with this - are there any artist craft show things in the Austin area? Like the event on S. Congress on Saturdays. How do I find them and sign up? Looking for venues to sell prints at before the holidays. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!


I really love the quilt. It's beautiful.


Nothing wrong with a little creative inspiration! The quilt is fantastic! I love the way the colors are working.


I love that color combination. You have a great eye. :)


picasso had his blue period...


Very purdy!


sure your clever- those are lovely colors and your brain must be in some sort of fall mode...
the blue sky, the orange trees, the brown world readying for winter's nap.

funny how we get into a color scheme without realizing it... I like to look in my closet and take note of what colors I have going- lots of orange lots of blues. mmmm warm and cool and yummy.


The muse comes in many forms eh? I love the quilt.

Are you involved with this? http://www.stitchaustin.com/
just seemed up your alley


Your wristlets have become so prevalent that they're now working through your subconscious mind. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiird! Cute ass quilt, too :)


Is there really such a thing as an original color combination? I think it's lovely!


That is so beautiful - I love the calm feel that the unicoloured surround to the fabric patches creates. In fact, I feel quite inspired to make one myself... :-)


Love love love those wristlets Caro!


Well, regardless - it is wonderful. I love your take on the pattern and the colors, original or not.

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