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how about wee greeki? a fusion of green and khaki.

wow - the color really does change. it looks great so far.


I have yarn like that. Just call it neutral. Light-colored neutrals seem to be a culprit. I thought my Cece was green when I wore it with black, then I wore it with a khaki skirt and it was almost a perfect match. I'm not sure which light is actually acurate. When I photograph knits outside the colors seem washed out, even in the shade. Inside, well, my house is like a black hole, swallowing up all light, so there's just no point unless I illuminate the subject with a trouble light. Isn't it funny that the yarn makers are so clueless about us?


Wow. That color change is weird!


Do you have hypercolor yarn? Cause that would be awesome!


Damn, I was going to say the same as Abbe- maybe it's so old that it is that Hypercolor stuff.


when the woman at patons got off of the phone with you, she called a co-worker over,

"madge! i just got the funniest call."
"what doris?"
"do you know there are people that put notes about sweaters they knit on the internets?"
"yeah, i just got this call. the woman wanted to know about our hypercolor yarn. the one we discontinued in 1994 because the colors changed all of the time and we couldn't move it off the shelves?"
"she still has some of that stuff?"
"yeah, well anyway, she's going to post information about the yarn on the internets."
"but the yarn is discontinued."
"i know!"
"that's just crazy."
"i know!"
"i need a cigarette."
"yeah so do i."


Damn it. The Christmas pile. I haven't even started mine. Not even a pair of socks to initiate the pile. I can't decide what I want to make. More ideas?

jenny r

Caro, my sofa does that. Seriously. And I've had pants I could absolutely not photograph in sunlight as the color showed to be WAY off (green, gray khaki, brown). I call it "Putty."


okay maryse just made me spit my soda! I was totally thinking that!

I hope they didn't discontinue the yarn because it's radioactive or something--maybe that's why it changes colors.

Bonne Marie

Hee. How yu do that?

très coolio - and it has a softy goodness, too :)


My Patons story involves a huge tote bag unsuccessfully felted because the Patons skeins I used wasn't wool, they were acrylic and were mislabeled. Can you imagine the gallons of boiling water I wasted, not to mention the elbow grease! The person I spoke with tried to negotiate with me about the lot I had was waaaayyyy old. Anyways, they sent me replacement yarn about 6 skeins. Now what to do with a partly felted tote?


I'm always surpeised at the number of people working in yarn shops who are unfamiliar with blogs. Mostly a generational thing I guess.

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