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jennifer w.

Beautiful! Glad I'm not the only one that procrastinates for a year before finishing some knitting projects - also glad that this was not one of those types of projects for you. The button is divine!


looks fab, of course! i'm in absolute awe of the button.


Really nice!!! It looks great and score one for completed Christmas knitting! WooHoo!


You are so cute and sweet!

Bonne Marie

YOU look Gorgeous! What a wonderful job you did on this sweater - I curtsey to you, m'lady!

[Believe it or not, I have some purple Cotton Club in my stash - I got it n eBay and am just waiting for the Muse to ignite...}

Bookish Wendy

looks awesome. i like it a bit longer...


How did you know I really wanted a Cece sweater? Oh, that will look so great on me! I hope it fits! ;-) Seriously, I think it looks amazing, and I am encouraged by your knitting speed on it - I have the yarn and wouldn't mind making it for the fall. Since our falls are so crisp and cool and all that. *cough*cough*


Wow! It looks wonderful -- and the big smile... is this one of those "presents" you open for yourself Christmas morning? Seriously, keep it -- if you really need a present for someone else you always know you can knit another one fast ... i'm just sayin.


Absolutely perfect! It looks fantastic on you!


Your Cece looks fantastic!!!


Whoa, hot stuff. It looks great.
I love wearable knits.


Gawd, Woman, it's fabulous! You cannot give that one away, it fits perfect. Make another if you must. I do like the linen blend mine is in, but the drape on yours is just fine. Did you see? Ms. Burns just came out with a new design, I already got it. Nice job. See you Saturday.


YEA! It looks great! You look great! I love the vintage yarn ;)

S t a c i

Very nice! The proportions of the sweater are perfect. The sleeves are just right, I like the depth of the v-neck, and the length is perfect for wearing over a longer undershirt. I know you said that adding the extra inch was an accident, but it was a good accident!


Hey there Caro! Love your new FO! It looks great on you :)


Gorgeous! I'm so in love with that button...off to check ebay for buttons


looks wonderful!
and you knit this up so pretty fast, it´s amazing.

when i knit, it´s the sentence "weave in all lose ends" that keeps me from finishing something....


That looks awesome on you! Love the earthy color and that buttons is absolutely perfect.


So pretty! I love the fact that it was so economically made. =) And it looks just great on you (are you really going to give it away for Christmas?)!


super cute! and i love those buttons.


Wow! And I agree... too good to give away!


WOW WOW WOW! Can I just echo all the other nice things people have said? It fits you beautifully and it looks so soft and sweet. Nice work Caro!


I LOVE it! It looks awesome!


Caro, it looks wonderful! It fits you perfect...are you tempted to keep it for yourself? Two weeks from start to finish is fast! Did you sleep? And the button is perfect!


I've been wanting to try the cece an I have to say you've inspired me! Yours looks lovely!

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