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i love the photo of you laughing at the airport. knitting and laughing - what a great shot! and a cute shirt.


Seriously, with you around - HOW could that airport woman look so grouchy? I mean, look at the obvious joy you are having! Her? Yeah. Nothing.

I love the one of you knitting. It just looks so serene!

S t a c i

It's the shirt! I saw that shirt for the first time on Stalker Angie in Austin. It all comes full circle now, because you actually blogged a photo while wearing the shirt.

The airport photo is priceless.


She's probably grouchy because she's not knitting!


I love that too - hang out with the bloggers and there are camera flashes everywhere :)

Cute action shots!


terrific action shots and great idea! That woman in the airport is totally jealous that you're having fun and she's obviously not.


What great photos! You look so happy at the airport, knitting and laughing, that's priceless.

jenny r

I guess it wouldn't hurt to mention it was 6 in the morning at the airport! Caro, let me know if you want me to adjust my flickr settings so you can order prints of the photos. Flickr photos turn out pretty good! I just ordered 26 or so (long overdue) with a handful being from our trip.

You know, if you're like me, you'll look back at these pictures in ten years and say, "I was so young!"


Love the t-shirt in the third one ;)


Wow! You're like a machine woman! How do you find time to create all these lovely things?

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