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that is so cool! How do you do that?


Easy! I used FD's flickr toys: http://flagrantdisregard.com/flickr/mosaic.php
Cool eh?

jenny r

I love looking at other peoples' favorites. We share the thread image. I try to be aware of the mosaic I create when I add an image to favorites, only I added a bunch of photos from the taping that don't fit at all.


very cool. i haven't worked with flickr yet. people seem to love it, but i haven't gotten around to giving it a go myself.


I just did a little tribute to Flickr today too... I love that sight. as I said in the post I am constantly inspired and overwhelmed by the colors, moments, memories, vissions that are captured everyday all over the world.
isn't it funny to watch what our "theme" is and how it changes over the course of the seasonal year?


This is awesome! Who, I say WHO's cat is "Cat on drugs"? I ask for two reasons: 1. That photo is HIGH-larious and 2. He looks just like (and just as crazy) as my cat. A Maine Coon I presume?

Really -- cool, cool mosaic. I might have to give Flickr a second (ok, third or fourth) try. Stupid Flickr and it's stupid monthly limit.


Is it totally weird that I rescue needlepoint at garage sales? The thing is I don't sew or needlepoint - I knit.


Hmmm...solitude and a bit of insanity seems to be the theme for me lately. (I like the second page better, though).


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