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Lisa D.

I just loved looking at all the pics in your Flickr group - such inspiration!


Wow! That quilt is so, so pretty. I love the color combo of red and turquoise


Uh-oh now I may have to take up quilting! Those are gorgeous.

See you tomorrow!


Wow, those are amazing.

I was just reading about Japanese quilts over at http://coloursknits.blogspot.com/

Just beautiful, inspiring stuff.


I love those quilts! Thanks for setting up that Flickr group! I have plans to get into quilting one day...

Have a great time with the Harlot!


"Hey, did I give you one of my cards? Did you see the case? She makes knitting bags too! Splityarn!"

I'm all about the pimping. It was FANTASTIC spending the day with you today, and we will have to do it again soon. Good luck with the shopping, and I'll see you when I return to Austin - probably next month!

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