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That story is priceless!! I have been there - hearing the truck coming into the neighborhood and not having our can on the curb! Glad you made it, and glad to hear that that adrenaline boost helped you finish your lovely Orangina! I just saw it in Flickr and had to come over to see it again. I will definitely make one of these. Yours is amazing! ;)


That was me leaving the anonymous comment :) I am so mysterious (and forgetful!)


Wow, she really looks great! Woo hoo!! Lovely, lovely :)


That looks terrific.


That looks fabulous! And good for you for getting up. I think I would just roll over and mutter a few expletives.


Thank you garbage truck, for a finished Orangina.
It looks great!


I would have gave hubby an elbow and let him run out there. It's his job anyway. :)

Oringina rocks! I love it in black and it fits you perfectly. Beautiful knitting!


You look fabulous! It turned out great, front porch and all. We forgot to take out the trash last week - so we get to keep it another week. ugh. Must. not. forget. trash. again.

jenny r

I had no idea you'd made that yourself! Looks really good. You have some seriously skills.


Very pretty! (And it fits you so nicely!) But my God woman. Size 3 needles? You are my knitting hero.


That came out great!
I love that you call it the "front porch", I usually refer to mine as "the shelf" but I may start using your terminology now...

wonderful job~ looks really good on too.


Super fab- will you wear this for your television debut?


gorgeous! I totally have to make this in black, it looks great! And you finished it in less than a year! (unlike some of my WIPs).



Fits you like a dream! and you made the truck in time too!! :)

hehe you said rack.
I say boobelehs...I'll have to put rack in my rotation. haha!


CONGRATULATIONS! It looks fabulous!


Looks fantastic! You win, mine's still not done.


Congratulations - it's looking great!!

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