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I am so excited for you! and I can't wait to see them. I think I may need to engage the DVR myself - I watch a lot of crafty/diy shows, but I don't know about that one - but I'll get caught up. Book deals are cool, but hey, I think having your own craft show would be even better!


Congrats! If I had a TV-boxthingy I'd totally watch it.


this is wonderful for you!
i´m so disappointed that i cannot watch all those shows :(
but keep fingers crossed that you rock the boat!


Caro that is sooo cool! Congratulations! I will have to put that show on the Tivo!


Super exciting Caro! Many congrats. :)


Congratulations! How exciting!


Congrats! You dang Austin crafters, taking over the world. :) Can't wait to see you!


WOW!! You're the fanciest! I can't wait to see you on TV! I will be DVRing my ass off for sure. Let us all know when you'll be on won't you? Then I can brag to hubby, "See! That awesomely crafty chick is my BT partner, Caro!" Love it.


You lucky dog! I went out last summer to tape 2 shows, and it was so freakin fun. You will have the BEST time!!! I can't wait to see you!


that is fantastic and exciting, and well... I am down right jealous. That is awesome.

Too bad I don't have cable tv. such a dork.

hurray for caro!


How cool Caro! Break a leg, or a needle or something.


Caro, that is so friggin' exciting!! If I was not so happy for you, I would be totally jealous! ;) (okay, I can be BOTH!) I have an episode on my TiVo and have not watched it yet... I will check it out too.

YEA!!! :)


Caro that's friggin awesome!! I'm totally Tivo-ing the first season and now I can't wait to see you on the second!


Wow, congrats! I wish you the best!!


OMIGAWWWWD! You are famous! Your hammy spotlight-lovin' drama queen cousin is like, DYING of jealousy. Do the fam proud.


Rock on with your crafty self!! Be sure to let us know which episode so we can TiVo it!


That is SO cool! So freakin' cool! I mean, how cool is that??? SO COOL!

I'm setting down the laptop right now so I can turn on the TV and set up the TiVo season pass! You're going to be famous! That is so cool!


Congratulations, that is so cool! Crafty bloggers will undoubtedly be taking over the world, and not a moment too soon!! Wheeee!

Now, if I only had the DIY network so I could actually watch the revolution. :(

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