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Good for you! It looks great! What a transformation.


Wow, what a dramatic change. You did an amazing job. It looks great.
I'll take a rum and coke. :D

Elizabeth K

Damn, that's terrific? Feel like helping me out with a bathroom?


Wow, the kitchen looks amazing. I'm about to remodel our kitchen and we're doing most of it ourselves but I'm lucky to have a very handy father-in-law that will end up doing most of the work ;)

You should be really proud!


It looks fantastic!!

wendy g

Great job on the kitchen! I am so impressed you did most of it yourself.


Wow! That looks amazing. I have a lot of work that should be done around my house, some of which I really could do. Very inspiring! :)

sarah b.

That looks great! I'm sure you're SO relieved to have that finished!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

I can't believe my eyes ! It's sooooooooooooooooo beautiful !! Waouw ! It's amazing ! Lucky you !! PS: I wanted to ask you for months : where you found the little toy sewing machine shown on your banner ! Hugs


wow! you go, girl!

i'm bummed we're missing out on checking it out today. family's in town and we're still not able to get all 5 of us ready and out the dootr for anything before, say, 8pm, LOL ;-)


Impressive. It looks fantastic!!


Awesome job! I love how light it is and functional without being cookie-cutter conventional. Where are you getting your subway tiles? I nver found any shopping in the area. I figured I would have to special order them I want to use them when I redo the bathroom.


It's gorgeous, Caro. And you deserve more than just one beer. Totally amazing.


absolutely fabulous- what a turn around job you did- And that you did the work yourself makes it even better!
wonderful, you better have a big beer to celebrate~


your new kitchen looks great, working in it will be fun to you!
fantastic work! ^^


That is *SO* fabulous. FABULOUS! And how awesome are the red and black oven mitts going to look in there? Wow.

I'm glad I had a chance to meet you, because you are seriously amazing. Inspirational. Fantastic. (I hope you don't mind, but you know - after all that hard work I figured you deserved some gushing.)


Jeez louise. I am super impressed! Lovely kitchen, regardless of the things you see in these photos that are undone. We do not!


Wow! Vast improvement! She's a beaut!


Bee-you-tee-full! Tile: awesome. Cabinets: double awesome. Nicely done, Caro! We are definitely leading parallel kitchen lives.


A beer? I think you deserve champagne!! Fabulous job. ; )


It looks fabulous! I am in awe at all of that work! Great results!


OH that's the breaks!! I love your kitchen. I'm jealous! :)


i'm doing a little catch up

that new kitchen is gorgeous. but then again, compared to our kitchen, your old kitchen wasn't half bad.

but seriously you did an awesome job.


What a transformation, it's looking great! Since we are without a kitchen or bathroom right now and are also doing all the work ourselves I can appreciate what you have achieved here!! :-)


Great job! (This coming from a professional kitchen designer!)

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