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Caaarooo, Caaarooo!! This is your Orangina. Please finish me before you touch that Noro Daria, or else...


The Orangina is going to be sooooo pretty. And wearable, even in Austin in June. And the ribbing will go so quickly. Total movie knitting. You can do it!


heh heh


As a fellow knitter, I completely relate to that experience. I am laughing out loug.

The lace patter is absoulutely beautiful as well, and a brighter color would have detracted from that beauty. (If that is any motivation to keep going.)



I'm definitely at the escape velocity stage with my Orangina. For such a mindless easy pattern, it doesn't seem to grow very quickly. Plus, I don't think 15" of lace is going to be long enough, even though I'm probably a full head shorter than the designer! I think my, um, WIDTH is taking away some of the length with the stretch. So after piece #2 is done, length needs to be added to piece #1 to make it long enough. Argh.

Hmm. What was I trying to say here? Don't give up on Orangina! It's going to be worth it. And, um, race ya?


I'm definately at escape velocity with my red. I'm stuck in a 4x2 ribbing black hole. I'm definately coveting your orangina...so keep it going so I can drool helplessly when I see yours ok? Black is so so so very. :)


ooo you're so close you can almost taste the Orangina goodness. Put that evil Noro Daria away and get to it!

BTW were you at the Austin Java Meetup 2 weeks ago? I thought that was you but I wasn't sure.


Ooh pretty- you are stronger than me. I would've caved already.

Amanda Woodward

Oh that new stuff is GORGEOUS. I have terrible knitting ADD, I say go for the new stuff :D


"Finish ME" screams Orangina!

Do it! :)

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