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100 zippers for $10? But that's... (mental math wheels spinning)... 10 cents a zipper? You had to buy them!

Looking forward to your wrislets - I bought the miniwallet recently and I love it!


WOW! That's a lot of zippers!

jenny r

I LOVE zipperstop. I get a good number of my supplies there now. Thread . . . such a deal!


That is a really good deal. Holy cow! And you don't have to listen to the cheesy music on their website when you want to order zippers! :)


Wow -- SCORE!


ooh so many pretty colors.


There are definitely worse things you could be addicted to, like Bingo (is that a Bingo Mama mug in that one picture? awesome!).


Awesome! I LOVE zippers too. I'm always trolling for bargains. (And your wristlet pattern. I make them by the dozens these days.)


I discovered Zipperstop several months ago. I didn't know they were on eBay but their regular website is amazing too. Even with shipping I couldn't believe how inexpensive their zippers were. I think I figured out I got 50 zippers for the same amount I'd pay for 15 retail. Love that atomic print. Just the right scale for your project.


Wow. That is a lot of zippers! That should last you a good long time!

missy pants

Wow! all those zippers for $10!!!! What a bargain..... house looks great... where is my wristlet?


oooooo! so glad i found you! i just went to ebay and found the same deal! a million thanks! now i too can sort zippers! i can't believe what i've been paying for them singley at joanns and walmart. need to get into the wholesale groove.
your blog is v. entertaining thank you!

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