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Elizabeth K

Can you send me the name of your tree people? I've got a dead tree stump that needs to go before it falls on my dog.


Oy. I hate to see a tree go, but if it was necessary so be it. Will you plant new trees to replace them?
Love your house, by the way. It is too sweet!


oh you definitely need a shade tree there. joe keeps threatening to cut down our huge oaks and pines. they dwarf the house.


We bought a Bradford Pear tree from a nursery on Manchaca and they brought it to the house, planted it, staked it, and helped us set up an automatic sprinkler to keep it watered really well. They were amazing! I think it was called It's About Thyme - I don't know if that's the right part of town for you but they were really awesome.


Wow! We had to do that two houses ago and it was traumatizing seeing our backyard all desnuded after the tree was gone. Maybe now you can get a less threatening tree for the kitties to shred :)


Oooh! You should plant a Chinese Pistache there! It's a lovely tree, very fast-growing, and very much lauded for Central Texas.

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