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I saw your limb loss this morning! Impressive! As we watched the branches falling in our backyard last night we were also treated to a light show of showering sparks as the power lines exploded one after the other. That was scary! Amazingly the power came back on sometime in the wee hours.


p.s. I heard on the radio that the Good Morning Tree Co. (who canvasses our neighborhood) got 700 calls today. Yikes!


Yikes! That looks BAD! We had storms here last night as well - I guess they were rumbling through the whole state. No fallen trees, but one nice thing is that I slept right through it all - allergy meds, you know - they knock me out. Allergies are another one of Texas' gifts to me. I'm glad your house was spared - if you don't mind me being redundant, let me just say again, that it looks BAD!


YIKES. We had most of our trees trimmed in December, before the build. Good thing, too, because we had some hackberries that most certainly would have fallen and gone right through the roof. Even if they hadn't, our old roof never could have sustained the wind, hail and water damage from Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Here's to a good ol' knock on wood that your trees will keep missing your house!!


jeepers! That would make me a touch scared when it started to storm. I hope they trim those babies back!


Scary!!! Glad you're O.K. If you're looking for some wood to knock on, go knock on those trees!
We had a HUGE cottonwood tree that I absolutely loved but that was starting to show rot even though it probably still had years and years of life left in it. The biggest windstorms we get come straight from the direction of that tree towards the house. I used to cringe at the opposite end of the house during storms, unable to sleep. Once, a big limb blew right onto the walkway in front of the door.
We finally had a friend come and take it down. It was a sad day, but we still have almost the entire trunk, in one long piece, laid down at the edge of the driveway. The kids love to play on it, and I hide the compost pile behind it, AND I sleep soundly in a storm now! Fortunately, just about everyone around here has a chainsaw, too, so clean up was relatively easy. Wish we could come give you a hand!
Just don't get me started about the lightning that somehow entered the house during dinnertime one night with a loud crack and flash INSIDE the house...right where we walk between the dining room table into the kitchen. Fortunately all we lost was a printer and a VCR. It makes me ill to even think about it much.

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