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well i love it. i think it's adorable. i'll take it off your hands.


It looks beautifully done, and the stripes aren't so very Home Depot-y. Was it at least fun to make?


I think it was really cute. Of course, I love orange and stripes. :)
Are you going to make more?


A lovely project for this month, Caro! I love the stripes, and now Maryse will be so hip with a cool glasses holder :)

Best wishes,


When I looked at it quickly the first time, I thought it was a little pirate! With a pointy moustache and goatee, and a blue bandana. A pirate sunglasses case is exactly what you need. This came close, but I think you need to try one more. :)


caro! i just got the sunglass case today and i love it ! it's so beautifully made. you are a true talent! i'm so glad i was the first to comment that day. one woman's trash is really another's treasure.


great sunglass case, great idea, colour and hmm... quilted too!

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