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your house looks like a model home! (um, minus the construction zone) I love those chairs, and that light! very cool- and what is this about a pinball machine- ackk can't contain my jealousy.


Oh, I so rememeber living like that! When we did our kitchen last summer, our fridge had to sit in the middle of our living room for a good month, becuase it was the only place that we could move it that wouldn't be in the middle of the construction. I hope it'll be all over for you soon! :)


Can I come visit? Just kidding. I love everything you have done. It looks great!


Swank-errific! That blue looks a little like the seafoamy color we've chosen for the office...


Those chairs are FABULOUS. Seriously, drop dead gorgeous. Wherever did you get them? There has to be a backstory there!


Love those chairs! They are so stylish and I bet they're comfy too!


You are so great- I love reading all about your place.


hi! I just did a search for "behr paint prelude," because that's the color we just painted our own front room and I wanted a swatch to show my mother, and I ended up here. Very, very nice place you've got!

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