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Well, there's intuitive music and intuitive art.... I guess you just came up with intuitive knitting!


ahhh, maybe sock knitting is in your blood ; )


Look at you go! That is incredible. I was on a flight last summer where I ran out of markers. So I started borrowing pony tail holders from girls on the flight to use. They were kind and my project was done by the time we landed.


Whoops. But the heels turned out ok right? That's all that matters. After a while you'll know that part by heart! That's what I need. A long trip so I can just knit peacefully. :)

jenny r

I'm just so glad to hear they are allowing knitting needles on the plane these days!!


winging it is always fun (especially if you get it right!) ;)


Good job figuring out how to turn the heel! :)

Carolyn Mae

How resourceful you are! Great job!

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