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That's a beautiful colorway! Congrats on trying something new. :)

Nadia Lewis

Good timing! The cherry blossoms are out all around town and the weather is really warming up.


Love the shorter cuffs- very cute little mod! Yep, looks like the sock bug bit you too! It is almost inevitable ;)


Love the shorter jaywalkers. They look great!




I get the feeling sock knitting is addictive. I'm staying away for the time being. I've got too much regular sized yarn to work with to start another project that requires different material.
That said, those socks are beautiful! I love the color.

Dipsy D.

Your version of the Jaywalker's is so amazing, and so is the colorline you chose! I agree, socks are the perfect portable knitting project, no hassle with long needles and heaps of yarn and whatever - just perfect indeed!
Have fun knitting more socks, and best wishes from Austria!


Your JW's are so cute! I'm still not feeling "addicted" to sock-knitting, but I always seem to have some on the needles now that I've gotten over the initial hurdle. Handknit socks sure are wonderful to wear - no question about it.


Those are cute! I like the short length. It gives them a whole different look.


Great job! I made mine short too!


Way to go Caro! They look great. I agree, socks can be addicted. Those darn, cute little needles!


They look great! Congrats!


Once I tried self-patterning yarn I was hooked. Socks are so fun! Nice work, these are way fancy!


Love your short walkers. Glad to have another sock knitter around! They're friggin addictive!


Oh, I love them short!! Very, very cute and I love that color, too.


Velcome to zee sock club! mwa ha ha ha ha...


Oh dear. You're in the dangerously addictive new world of sock knitting, now. Welcome. They turned out great. I have yet to make Jaywalkers, but I know it'll happen soon. There's just no avoiding it.

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