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You can't bring it all?


The Koigu! You can never go wrong with it.


What are some of your favorite crafty haunts in Vancouver? (please direct me to archives, if you've already covered this!) Was just there last weekend and did the Robson St. and Gastown flyby. I know about one great fabric store that I read about somewhere, but I don't know where it is. (Even if I did, it would have been hard to drag my husband there:) I was hoping to find a fun Japanese bookstore so I could pick up some fun crafting/crochet/knit books, but I couldn't find one. And Chinatown made me a wee bit nervous - it's not so much like our International district here in Seattle or the Chinatowns I know and love in SF or NYC. Maybe I was just on the wrong street(s). I'm itching to get back - I'm so close but haven't done near enough exploring there. If you love the snow, Whistler is great right now! Have fun! Cheers!

PS - I took a huge basket of yarn with me (traveling by car - out for four+ days) and only managed to get a scarf done for a display at the yarn store where I work. I hope your efforts are more fruitful! That Koigu is yummy. What is the red ball?


Where will you be on Sunday? Let me know,


i think you need to take it all. but in a big bag with room for more should you find more.


Safe travels!!


Like Li, I'm also interested in a knitting blogger meetup.

While in town, do visit Dressew (337 W Hastings St). The downstairs is the best part: they have enormous, fifty-feet walls of zippers spanning the length of the store and back; hundreds of tubes of buttons in every imaginable colour; a huge, though completely disorganized, discount section; and a myriad of bizarre notions from the last fourty years, ranging from jumbo ricrac to steel boning to wooden macrame beads to name-brand underwear elastic. Warning: closed on Sundays and is cash and personal cheque only. Really.

It's a block away from Button, Button (422 W Cordova St), a great source for all things of a buttony nature.

For Japanese knitting/crocheting books, go to Alpha Crafts in the Aberdeen Mall on No 3 Road in Richmond. They're not cheap, but they're from Japan.

The most unusual yarn store in Vancouver -- because, really, I know you must have most of the common yarns in Texasland -- is the Silk Tree in Granville Island. Since Granville Island is a major touristy spot, you can pretend to the other people in your party that you happened upon a yarn store while doing normal touristy things. (This has stopped working on my friends and family, but yours might not know better.)

Wait -- are you an ex-Vancouverite? I only know that you're Canadian, but I'm not sure where you're from. If you are, then just disregard this comment, as I'm sure you know where most the cool crafty things are in this city.

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