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Wowza! That is one gigantic Project Spectrum project.
It looks great.

sarah b.

That looks really great! I admire your bravery in taking on such a huge project!


Wow! I had my doubts about the red, but it totally works in your kitchen. Yummmmmy!


That is one gorgeous kitchen! You have done an excellent job on this and I know you will be so happy to be done...
then you can sit back, knit, and enjoy! I love the Red!!!


OMG! that looks so amazing! what a total face lift you did-
Great job... almost there, and the best part, no dishes in the tub~


Wow. It looks so awesome! The red is beautiful! I love your kitchen sink!


ooohhhh! my favorite color! that would be my knitting spot. i love it.


I love those cabinets. I've seen them in the Ikea catalog but I always wonder if you can see the fingerprints? I have a touch of OCD so I think I would end up cleaning them all the time if the fingerprints were visible.


Caro -- I really like how modern the cabinets are. Are you going to splurge and buy new dishes to match?


SO.COOL. So mod. So Project Spectrum! Awesome kitchen, girlfriend ;)


The kitchen is looking awesome -- those SHINY red cabinets are outstanding!! I love that we can see the reflection of the photographer in one of the doors. SO, so lovely -- nice job :)


Your kitchen is HOTT. When I do mine, I'll be hitting you up for all kinds of tips. You could go into business, you know.

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