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Happy belated birthday!
Giant golf ball-like planter pots?! I've never seen those. However, that plate of meatballs is always in front of my husband whenever we go to IKEA. He loves those things.


What I would like to say to the teenagers of the world currently is, "Stop shuffling. Pick up your feet. Hike up your pants. If I can see your ass crack, you are showing too much. STOP EATING JUNK FOOD. Girls, fat around the belly is not cute. I don't care how many girls are out of shape these days. NOT CUTE. Oh, and while we are at it, get those bangs out of your eyes. I can't see you."

At the ripe age of 26, I'm a crumudgeon. Who knew?

lori z

i take it you haven't converted to miles yet hunh? Our car, here in So. Cal. reads in kilometers too. Its all fine and good until I start talking to people about how fast we were going. We were going 80, wait, no that's 45. ack!

i hope you've had a great birthday!

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