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If nothing else, enjoy the fumes. :)


i couldn't agree more with this analogy. we're going through the same thing here at our house.

as for your walls -- they look really nice and smooth! after reading all the effort you had to put into them i'm impressed they look as good as they do.


Ahh what a change from your first pic! It's going to be great, you'll be glad you did all that work later on.


I think it looks great- I know it's frustrating to put all of the work into it, and to still not be finished, but I can't wait to see the next phase, Caro!


That's miles better than the first photo. if I lived near you, I'd totally help out. It'll be worth it! Don't worry!!


I like painting, I'd like it more if *I* got a new kitchen after the process.


looks good so far- I don't like to paint becuase hubby and I have "different painting methods" He gobs on the paint and rolls for hours- I lightly coat and keep going back to the tray... it is an endless battle of technique- but in the end the walls are painted tada! there is a new kitchen.

open some windows-those fumes might get to your head- keep your knitting close at hand incase they do- you never know what you might dream up when you are full of paint fumes. hee hee
can't wait to see the color~(are you doing a color?)


That's a good mantra to remember when painting. It is SUCH a tedious process. However, I am sort of enjoying it. Sadly though, we're just painting cabinet doors and, let me tell you, it pretty much blows. I can only paint a few at a time and then flip them over to paint the bottoms. It's slow going. And like Nessie said, hubby and I have "different painting methods" and he's decided that I now do all the painting due to our final results. Honestly, I'll just be glad when it's all done and I can rehang the cabinet doors. I've never seen so many dishes in all my life!

It's looking awesome -- can't wait to see the final product -- and see you at your fully functional sink. It's a glorious day, I assure you.

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