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Nicely done on the bag -- great pattern! I must say, I'm loving mine to death and feeling all the more awesomer for carrying it around courtesy of my BT2 buddy. Kick ass!


Only you could have a blog that references both sewing and TPB all in the same entry!
And you are an evil evil woman for putting a link to JCaroline. I need a bigger place just thinking about all that ribbon and fabric.


I have always been a fan of houndstooth print - and that one is just so cool. Love all of the goodies you made, Caro. Once again, I am envious of your mad skillz!


Wow, what a great "set." I love the houndstooth.


i love the bag, but i love all your sewing projects! and i like the new look (colors) on the blog.


LOVE the bags! Nice job -- I really like the houndstooth, too. Enjoying your blog...


Nice job on the bags. You do such great projects. I like your creativity, especially with the placemats and items you made with the vinyl fabric. Hope your kitchen gets finished soon for you!


Looks great, Caro, as always!

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