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Ack! We're going to do the same with our kitchen (and go on the same hunt for dinner invites) in the next few weeks. Good luck!


How the hell did that happen so fast? Btw, got the argyle bag and love it!


I honestly wish my kitchen looked like that (the after pic!). It's in desperate need of a makeover.

I can't wait to see your finished product!


I found your site via Lolly's blog - we're beginning our kitchen reno in March. I never thought about hitting up friends for meals...we were just planning on using the bar-b-que and our old microwave lots! Good luck with your renovations!


Ho-lee Crap. That's ballsey! Can't wait to see it finished, how long does something like that take anyway?


I feel your pain, sista. Our kitchen looks similar (photos on blog) and we've been getting mighty creative with meals during the process. Trying to figure out dinner for a week -- easy. For a month-challenging. For two months -- I'm just going to have a big lunch.

Much love and luck to you!


Wow. YOu are VERY brave!


OYE! we did that a year ago this month... took us about 2 months, but we did a lot of the work ourselves so that accounted for some of it. I never, ever want to do have to hang drywall and tape again!
you can come over and eat at my house, I will understand ;)

Just think, it will be bootiful when it is all said and done!
good luck.


Hi! we'll be getting our kitchen remodeled this year. i'm excited and anxious at the same time!

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