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whoa. wtheck!



I feel your pain! I was watching the British version of Trading Spaces and they painted over the wallpaper for a quick fixer-upper. I screamed as the roller hit the wallpaper. Why do they do that? It gives me agita just thinking about it.

And can I add to that list?

1. People who paint of the most gorgeous cherry-stained wood doors.
2. People who paint over glass doors and transoms. (oh, yes they did!)


Just the thought of painting over wallpaper makes me twitch. What a lazy way of doing things. One of my prior apartments had a bathroom in which they had painted over all of the tile. Once I was living there awhile I realized that it was to hide the fact that the tile was rotting away. As soon as it got steamy in the bathroom the paint started coming off in sheets to reveal the rot. Horrible!


Oh Caro! WHAT a mess! My mum's an interior decorater, and she always says "If I had a dollar for every house I had to fix because someone watched Christapher lowe, or whatever his name is... " Oh the Horror!
Hey, how's your left-over cat doing?


Oh mother-of-all-things-holy! What the hell are people THINKING when they do stuff like that?

Criminy, I wasn't even aware that you COULD wallpaper over tile. That's madness.


Oh MY! isn't it amazing what you find when you start remodeling. We found the strangest- maybe not quite tissue paper over painted over wallpaper over painted over wallpaper, but close and perhaps more dangerous- like wiring issues and outlet boxes just sitting under the dishware that leaks...
It is starting to come together- looks great so far. so luck that you didn't have to do the drywall yourself- never ever again will I agree to do that!
happy friday~


Girl, it's looking hot. Nothing is more satisfying than fresh drywall up over a previously gutted kitchen. We've seen some crazy crap redoing our kitchen, too. Like a chimney (yes, bricks!) sheetrocked in, taking up an entire corner of the kitchen. And for what? So that the lazy contractor who renovated our house didn't have to take down the useless old chimney. So, we got to do it. Well, our nice capable contractor did it. And what the hell is the deal with selling someone a house that doesn't have room for a fridge?! We couldn't open our freezer until two weeks ago when we moved it to it's new, proper home.

Patience to us both and good luck!!


Thought I'd say hello and that your post gave me such a chuckle. Looks like you've got a lot of work going on, but it also looks like it will be a wonderful space when its all done. So excited to about the autostitch program you linked to, great info!


Our house had 14 different wallpapers and six kinds of wood panelling. Yeesh,


How are you dealing with the painted-over-wallpaper? We close on our house next week, and we're not sure how to tackle it. Everyone's saying just paint over it again because it'll be a big mess to take down, but I'm not sure...


SOUNDS horrifying, but it's LOOKING good. It's so exciting to see it coming along (saw your new flickr pics, too)!

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