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Just found your blog and I love everything you are making! Or, have made. I used to knit and sew, then switched to sewing, then nothing, then knitting only. My sewing area is in the basement and my knitting is portable. Need I say more?? Thanks for your lovely blog.


I don't understand why any of that was embarrassing....

Love your knitting area- you have such great taste (not that I'm surprised)!


I love your spot!!!


I wish my knitting spot was so nice (and tidy). Unfortunately i don't really have a 'lnitting spot', i tend to knit anywhere i can find a toy free space!


JT and Strict Machine? I'm impresssed!


The Waitresses - excellent! Here's a short, short Xmas film I made that uses part of Christmas Wrapping as it's soundtrack.


Spread the link wide and far as the film will be out of season in a week


I love that song White Lines. I've been playing the original (non-Duran Duran) version quite a bit lately. It always makes me want to dance. I find it funny though that the first time I ever heard the song was at church youth dance when I was about 13 years old. I'm sure that the nuns had no idea what the song was about.


Nice knittig spot, I think this was my fvourite meme ever. Love your greens and pinks. I chose my bathroom colours for some greens, mauves and pinks I had in some Colinette yarn.

Merry Christmas,


i'm quick tell my music snob friends, 'don't hate me because i rock JT!' haha!

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