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I love the shade of pink you chose for your Clapotis. It's funny, that pattern is being/has been knit by just about everyone, which normally turns me off, but each time I see a new one I want to make it anyway. :) Yours is particularly inspiring. Lovely!


oh, so pretty! i've been dying to make a clap of my own, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm fixated on the idea that i have to have lorna's laces, but clearly I don't. thanks for stopping by my blog...i love yours!


Hi Caro, might have to try the clap one of these days.

I have tagged you for the "Show us where you knit" meme - only if you want to and if you haven't alerady done it,


PS - mine will be psoted tomorrow.


One more thing, excuse the typos, just because I can knit, doesn't mean I can type.


That is a beautiful version! I've put off making Clapotis so many times because I just don't think i'd ever wear somthing so big and drapey, but something like yours...well, that I might do. I'd love to see it modelled and hear about your modifications. Eight feet!


The Clapotis is lovely. And the little furry ass next to it looks so familiar somehow . . .


Great version of the clap! I'm feeling inspired now to make one of my own.


Love it- I hope that you do keep it for yourself!

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