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AHH! That is the best! Is there anything sweeter than making your own and saving that kind of cash? Good for you!!


These are fab! Well done, you.


Those are fabulous! Crafty kudos to you!!

Bookish Wendy

Those are so great! Way to be creative and avoid Crate and Barrel's rip off America campaign!


So are you ready to give a loooooooooong crafty tutorial to me when I'm in Austin? You do so many amazing things, Caro. Love the placemats. And the glitter. :)


I don't care if the original placemats are on sale; I like yours better!


Hey! Even on SALE, IKEA's placemats aren't as nice as your placemats!

I love the colors of YOURS much more.

(Don't tell IKEA I said that. OK?)

Sure wish I had a "whack" of vinyl! LOL!


Gah! I wish I had half the talent you have in your little pinky! When I see those backtack projects, I could just die. Sewing and me are not friends, unfortunately.


Those are amazing! Perfect for your table (which, if I were younger and single, I would have in my small but chic apartment, but which isn't quite right in a Vermont farmhouse, but still).


How creative! And I agree that yours are better than the original--much better colors. Very impressive!


Amazing is right! I'm *very* impressed. I love your kitchen table, too.


That's amazing that you made them! i always see things in stores and say, "oh I could make that", but I NEVER (hardly ever) follow through...way to go!! They look great.


Too cute! And thanks for the tip about faking a teflon foot - I need one too!


Oh, the placemats are so cute! You really did a great job on them! I love browsing through Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn for ideas even though I rarely buy anything. Now Ikea, that is more in my price range.

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