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Funny - My mother says she doesn't care either... and yet I scrub each and every time she comes because that is exactly what she used to do!! How funny that we are all cut from the same cloth!


My suggestion is to quickly throw some chocolate chip cookies in the oven. She's less likely to notice the cobwebs when overwhelmed with the sweet fragrance of dessert.


Once, way back when, my dept at work won a prize. It was our boss and bd of directors cooking a dinner for us at my house. I never had a cleaner kitchen!


I am exactly the same way with my mom. When she walks through my door, no matter what she does or says the voices in my head are critical enough for all of us, when it comes to cleaning. I guess she succeeded in transmitting her values about cleanliness.

Looking at the bright side, my mom lives in town so my house is cleaner than it would be otherwise.

Hey, I keep meaning to mention, we have the exact same tile as you. We need to replace some of it; did you put it in or was it there when you moved in? If you know the source, I'd totally appreciate it!

Hey, have fun with your mom!

The Cuz

OK, having seen your momma days before she headed south, she was so excited to see you that you coulda had a giant mudsplat in the middle of your kitchen floor and she wouldn't have cared. Hope you are having a good visit...



My apt is never cleaner than when my mother comes to visit. Once, I spent two days cleaning my apartment and when she got into my car at the airport, she said "don't clean up just for me!" all sarcastic and joking referring to my messy car. Gah.


I am the EXACT same way! I am just recovering from a week long visit with my mom. I cleaned like crazy before she came and my husband even repainted the guest room! Everytime she arrives she oohs and ahhs over how great it looks, and always says, "I hope you didn't go to crazy cleaning before I came." I deny it every time.

oh--are those mrs. meyers cleaning supplies. i love them.


So funny! My Mom was visiting last weekend, too!

I'm SO behind in reading blogs I feel like I lost track of everyone.

Hey, I know it's your blog, but there's no reason for using bad words like "clean" and "mop".

Yes. Our Moms taught us the "cleaning frenzy waltz" and we dance every step when they're planning a visit. Some things never change.

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