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lori z

Interesting review. I have always wondered what her patterns were like and although the designs seem simple enough it seems like a high price for a pattern. Thank you for sharing your critical view! It will be interesting to see if Art of the Midwest has anything to say.


Your bag is great!

I first made that pattern about 2 yrs ago and quite frankly it is the worst I encountered of her's. The other ones seem to go alot better. I have had communication with them previously and they always are very responsive.


That bag is very cool and I love the green topstitching. It's all in the details!


Uh oh. I just got my pattern in the mail this weekend. Doesn't sound good.
But your bag turned out fantastically. What does the lining look like?


Your bag looks great! I'm always so in love with your material and color choices.


The bag came out so well! I love it! And I must completely agree with you about the Amy Butler patterns. I do love her designs, but having tried several of her (expensive!) patterns, I get bummed at the way they're written, the price, etc...


How disappointing!

Your bag looks so cool I was tempted to go and check out the patterns. But no more.

Sounds a lot like the Charlotte's Web pattern. Handwritten notes, hand drawn charts.

Sorry, I pay my money and I want something a bit more professional looking. Or, at least, something I can understand!


Super cool bag! Your back-tack buddy is lucky!


Just thought you would love to know that there is a free NEW pattern of amy butler fabric in this months issue of better homes and gardens quilters mag......IT IS GREAT!! Also .....the mag gives a place to purchase this cute lil kit that has everything to make the bag ( www.mygreenvelvet.com ) not to mention the store is wonderful as well :) its great great great


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this- I have been toying with the idea of buying a pattern, but seeing as I'm not a very accomplished sewer, I might hold off.

The bag looks amazing, though, a true testament to your awesome skill as a crafter!

I think that the reason patterns such as Amy Butler's are more expensive is because they are NOT mass-produced. They take longer to create and more money to print and produce because it is a small company. I, for one, think that that is worth the extra few dollars.


Very nice bag. Awesome job.

angharad jones

I've had similar complaints with other patterns of hers. I found they can be unnecessarily complicated and incomplete. Despite the frustration though, like you, I love her ideas and will continue to make them. I can't wait for her new ones to get in the stores!


I JUST finished making this same bag this weekend. I like Amy's patterns - especially since they aren't made out of that tissue paper like the one's at the fabric store. This one was by far the worst of hers I've used, though. I have my gripes with this bag as well (see Oct. 17 post). I found that I was "sewing blind" for part of the time, but the final product turned out fine. My biggest gripe is that it doesn't fit my short body AT ALL. Your choice of fabric is lovely and I like the idea of snaps much better than velcro. Good job! Your bag has inspired me to maybe try again - with a shorter strap, nicer fabric, and maybe a overall shorter bag.

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