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But those big blue eyes . . . I know I'd cave in and be throwing greenies at that little charmer.

But there is the evidence of the knitting.


Did you dust for paw prints? Looks like knitting gremlins to me.

I'd toss the greenies at that snugglemuffin.

Bad Hippie

You should've seen what my cats did to my aunt's fuzzy scarf! After unravelling practically the whole thing, they got the yarn wrapped around table legs, under the couch, over the chairs...and THEN had the audacity to carry the remaining ball of yarn upstairs in their mouths (okay, only one cat did this) and deposit it at my feet like it was a dead mouse.

Good snookums. You kill that yarn for mommy!


How can you be sure it is Bicoe? I mean look at the blue eyes? Even if it really was Bicoe, remember that meezers always do things for a reason. If it really was Bicoe, the question remains what was being done to Bocoe at the time?

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