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i hope you feel better soon!


I'm so sorry to hear this news! I hope it will have a happy ending for you, and soon. :)


eek. Feel better soon!


Oh no! Are they going to take it out? I hope you feel better soon!


Oh my goodness! Take care, cutie.


I do hope you feel better soon, Caro. Take care~


I know just how you feel, though I've never though of it in terms of gauge swatches. I just think of knitting needles-and then remember those are mm!

Get well soon!

*gentle hugs*


7 cm? That's not what we mean by "be productive"!

Even after it's removed, you can use the excuse for a while.

Medication...it's not just for breakfast, anymore.

So, when's it coming out?


FEEL BETTER SOON. You poor thing. I have been putting of a CT scan myself for months... maybe I will go now!


As Emily Latella would say "If it's not one thing, it's another." Hope you're feeling better soon. At least you didn't have to wait for treatment in Canada.


wow! i hope you feel better. take care of yourself.


Take care, kitten. Great to see you in The Couv recently. Hope it's not toooo hot in Austin, cuz it's hot enough in Singapore for both of us! Keep well!

angharad jones

I had a cyst removed at the beginning of the summer. I was in the ER on morphine at one point and my doctor (thank goodness) scheduled emergency surgery. The procedure took 2 hours, was way less painful than the cyst, and I was back in full swing in 10 days. Modern medical technology is amazing!

Good luck with yours!

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