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I have a friend who loves to drink the pickling juice right out of the pickle jar, and it wasn't just while she was pregnant that she did this. You can turn your back and the next thing you know your pickles are high and dry with no brine to sit in.

It's repulsive, if you ask me.


athletes drink pickle juice for some purpose or other (at least in texas they do). something to do with dehydration. it doesn't sound terribly scientific to me.


As a fellow knitting blogger who has stumbled upon your blog and the pickle juice discussion I just have to defend all pickle flavored loving people out there! If they make pickle juice, we'll drink it! If they make pickle flavored potato chips, we'll eat them!!

Okay - I do like the chips but I dunno if I'd sit around drinking a bottle of juice ;)

Just dropping a comment to say hello and love your work!!

sarah b.

I don't think it's just a Texas thing (although I'm in Texas, too) because I've read about pickle juice on a recent cycling forum. Supposedly, it's a good substitute for gatorade, but I'll take lemon lime gatorade over pickle juice any day!


No thank, you I'll pass on the pickle juice. Or, as a diplomatic teen we once knew would say, "That looks good, maybe I'll try some later."

When I was a camp cook on Gambier Island, we used pickle juice to clean the grill. Imagine what it does to yoru stomach!


Pickle juice is good in Caesars.


When I was maybe 7 or 8, my mom came downstairs to the kitchen to find me drinking pickle juice out of the jar with a straw. It didn't really go over too well with her.


Have you ever read "Beer Frame"? It's an old 'zine by this guy, Paul Lukas. He also wrote a book -- Inconspicuous Consumption -- where basically he writes about weird products. Your post reminded me about him. I remember one item he wrote about was Kraut Juice -- it was sauerkraut juice and it was a beverage -- yuck!


The thought of pickle juice is seriously scary. It must be a southern thing. I've never seen pickle juice for sale here in Connecticut.


My daughter eats the pickles and drinks the juice as soon as the jar is brought into the house. I guess she could eat worse things, but at least there isn't any competition for the pickes or the juice, lucky for her.


I suspect I might regret this, but I must out myself here as a pickle juice lover. As a transplanted Southerner living in the Northeast, I was so excited to see this that I have emailed your post to almost everyone I know. I can say that I never saw this when living in Atlanta, but am tickled to DEATH to see it now. Mmmmm...yummy salted vinegar! Woohoo!


We sang that Alberton's jingle growing up in Seattle, too, and I too get some odd looks from my own family now when I sing it. My brother went to school at the College of Idaho, which has since been named Albertson College because Joe Albertson donated some outrageous amount of money to the school, so now we sing: "It's Joe Albertson's supermarket, but the u-ni-ver-sity is mine!"
No thank you to the pickle juice, but I've been known to take a little nip off the Annie's Goddess Dressing every now and again.


For me, I'd have to say a very resounding Ewwwwww!!! But then I haven't tried it. I do like dill pickle chips and dill pickles themselves but have never had the urge to drain the jar of it's juice.

Rita Wyshinski

when I feel sick to my stomache, or run down I crave and drink Pickle Juice, I even make my own juice. I thought everyone does this, after reading all of the coments concerning cravings for pickle juice I am wondering if this pickle juice thing might have something to do with a vitamin defiency? I also crave red beet juice with condensed cream added to it.


I am so glad I found this site! I crave pickle juice and have since I was a little girl. My sister and two of my neices drink pickle juice too. My grandmother was a Southern woman and she use to pickle vegetables in order to get us kids to eat them. To this day there aren't many things I won't eat if you cover them in vinegar. I have also noticed that I crave pickle juice more if I am dehydrated. But it is a weird craving, I'll be the first to admit it! I am just glad to know I am not alone.

P.J. Funcke

I used to make pickled hard boiled eggs. I once found condensed pickle juice in a local store and it made the best ( and strongest ) pickled hard boiled eggs that I or my friends have ever had.
If anyone can tell me where to find anymore of this product, please let me know.

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