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I know what you mean. I went nuts trying to do the alien scarf in Stitch and Bitch before figuring out the major error in the pattern.


Oh do I hear ya! I posted to your arm problem question...then later posted about it again, and someone left a nasty comment about losing weight...yeah whatever...I really was disappointed in that KAL especially because the designer was in it...with no help. There are lots of problems with that pattern...I made it, its done...I wore it once.


Hm, I did not realize all of this... I know I have not been the best knitalong hostess (hell, the thing is sitting at the bottom of my knit bag and the site was burdened by a million spammers) but I want to thank you for your post... I am sorry that I have "dropped the ball on this". It is really bad that the errata has not been posted on the Knit Happens site--I wonder if they get bombarded with emails, maybe then they will do it?

Stasia Wussow

Couldn't agree with you more. If it's not a published pattern with errors, it's yarns being recommended without having been tested for wear. I invested a fortune in a silk and wool yarn for a cabled sweater per a published pattern, only to have it hanging at my knees after three wearings. I make up my own patterns now... it's not worth the time or money to follow those with so many errors. Too many people are looking to jump on the knitting-trend-bandwagon, with a too-quickly-published pattern, hoping to make a quick buck off us unsuspecting folks. Well said! Hope you're heard!


Yes! I've become very nervous/careful about knitting patterns in books because of the problems I've encountered with the SnB books. I have one project still on hold because even though a correction has been posted I'm not convinced that it's accurate (and wasn't able to get an answer from the designer). Grrr!


WORD on this--I always end up having to resize everything anyway, because my proportions just don't seem to fit with pattern designers' standard sizes, so it would be nice to work from a reliable pattern, rather than one riddled with errata. Sadly, that is rarely the case.


Jeez, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having issues with this pattern. Except... my issues are with the back! I've counted my cast-on stitches over and over, and I have the right amount, but the instructions at the end will tell you to keep up the pattern til the last 6, then K6.. and the place it is making you stop will be right before a YO, or in the middle of a K2tog! What am I supposed to do with that?

At the very least I will check out the knitalong and hopefully seeing the fixes will help. At least your iPod got a nice cozy out of it.


i just saw your comment about this on ravelry and had to come take a look. i'm so sorry you had such a problem with the pattern, but I assure you it was not my fault! the tech editor apparently was not being realistic about the sizing for some reason and i actually had a discussion with debbie about this when the book came out a few years ago.

i know that debbie sent a few weary knitters my way and i tried to fix it the best i could. i even spent my time re-doing the tech editors work and recalculating the sleeve part, which i emailed to her and posted on the lucky kal (which sadly is now gone and i have no record). apparently debbie didn't see this as a worthy correction?

i know you posted this so long ago, but i just wanted to let you know i did my best :)

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