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You are hardcore! Can't wait to see it all done, I know it will be amazing.


Your kitchen is going to look great! We did the Ikea kitchen cabinet thing and it wasn't difficult. Takes a bit of time getting all of the cabinets built, but the rest is a breeze. Post pictures of the progress!


How scary/funny -- I think we have the same faux wood kitchen countertop!

Good luck with the kitchen project. I can't WAIT until we rip ours out.


The rendering of your new kitchen looks really great. I'm very impressed that you are taking this on.


You ARE hardcore. Goodluck with that dear. I'm sure it will turn out fabulous. And have fun in Vancouver..I spent some time up there a couple years ago and had a FANTASTIC time. Don't forget to stop by Lush.

heather (pixiestikz)

wow! can't wait to see the end result! Love IKEA


I'm glad I popped by here today - I didn't know the Yarn Harlot was coming to Vancouver and now I do! (love the kitchen, we're about to gut ours and I am so not looking forward to it).


I'm so very sorry we'll miss each other, but it will be nice to meet your mum, and good luck with the kitchen. Let me know if you need me to send chocolate...or yarn...or screech.

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