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I thought the bell shape was pretty cute, actually. Turned out pretty darn cute--I have never tried installing a zipper on a felt, was it pretty easy?

Thanks for your email--I really appreciated that.

Take care!


Great save on the Sophie!


Ooh...that makes me kind of nervous. I'm working on Sophie right now! I'll have to watch the bellness!


I like the funky shape it was before. But it is your purse so you fixed it to suit you.


Hey there, I'm being anal and cleaning up my bloglines since I'm too lazy to actually clean up my house. Are you still in RAOK, or should I move you to another section?


That looks wonderful - she'll love it. Nice job!

General Ginger

Doesn't it feel great to modify something until you get it just the way that you want it? Glad it finally became an FO.

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