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We have the same Dyson model too, and we got the "pet hair" attachment for a steal on Ebay--it works perfectly. You are right, it makes the vacuuming chore a little more fun :)


What is it about men and the Dyson? My DH had to have one too. It does work well and like you, we have an explosion of cat hair to deal with! Have you seen the new Dyson's advertised on TV? They somehow roll on a ball like base. Weird.


I got mine about three months ago and am so in love with it. It totally disgusts me how much it picks up, and I want to know how I have any carpet left, but it works like a dream.


Oooh - I'm so jealous. I want a Dyson too. But I got a new Oreck about 4 years ago and after spending what I did on that, I can't really justify buying a Dyson when the Oreck still works. Maybe I need to find a man with a Dyson!


We have the purple Dyson, and we love it too! We have four cats working diligently to coat all surfaces with fur, and they do a really good job. Our old vac used to just pull a few fur pieces off the top of the carpet, and then my hubby used to kind of scrape at the carpet whenever he was sitting on it, picking up tons more fur. This drove me crazy so I told him we had to get a better vac, and we did! Now there's nothing left for DH to pick at, at least until the first cat comes back around.

And now that I know who you are, "Cordelia", I can thank you directly for those beautiful fabrics you sent for backtack! I love them!


Way too much machine for me...looks like it needs a garage. No wonder men like it.

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