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she's beautiful and looks so well-tempered! i can't believe someone would just abandon a pet like that. clearly they didn't deserve her!


She's so gorgeous. I hope Indy likes her.


Goddamn it. People suck. I too once took in an abandoned cat who showed up crying on my dad's doorstep. Like Bicoe, she too was beautiful, and the gentlest, most loving cat I have ever known.

I hope she fits into your family okay. Bet she'll be happier living with decent human beings.


Oh, what a beautiful cat! May she and Indie become the fastest of friends.
And may ill luck favor the Abandoners.


I have the same type of cat,they are very lovely kitties.I can't believe they would leave their kitty.that's sad


I think that cat was meant to be with you! She is beautiful :-) And I'll also keep my opinion of the #$&%@#$&$@ cat abandoners to myself.


She's very pretty!


I am so glad that you were the one to find her and that you are able to care for her. She is a beautiful kitty. ... can't believe those assholes left her behind....


I've heard of stories of horrible people doing that! I'm so glad that you guys are willing to keep her with you. Those pet abandoners really do suck. Why couldn't they have at least taken her to a shelter?? Ugh!


Ah, she's beautiful and she photographs so well! She was there waiting for you! :)


she looks super-cute, and rather resembles susan's cat maurice.


Bicoe is beautiful. Payback is a bitch and those Losers will pay!

And your halo is glowing from taking her "in".


That is kind of scary what you could find. You never know what could be there behind the walls. :-0

Enjoy your new house pet. She is a beauty!


that is just horrible...but I sincerly hope that Bicoe loves her new family...after all she is sharing her home with ya'll! :)

really, that's awesome of you guys to keep her. really.

sarah b.

Wow, that stinks that they left her behind, but it's great that you guys have adopted her. Good luck as you continue to get settled!


Yeah!! I love Happy Animal Stories!!!
Good for you guys! Congratulations, She's a beaut.


What a cutie! I'm glad she has a good home with you guys.


How mean of those people. She looks lovely. I can't imagine ever leaving any pet of mine behind.


she's gorgeous! lucky you and lucky kitty too -- a thousand curses on her previous crappy owners.


Some one would leave a meezer!?!?!? They deserve to be bite in the arse and a few other private parts that meezers will bite in. She looks like a seal point too. She looks like she has adopted you or rather your house as her person.


Hey, if you need help kicking the old owner's ass, I'm just an email away. That stuff really pisses me off.

On the plus side....she's beautiful and hopefully will fit right in with your family. Is she as sweet as she looks?


Oh, forgot to mention, that's now I got Momoze. A neighbor moved out, and I found (as a kitten) him digging in a dumpster behind our apartment building a week later. He's the best kitty, and it couldn't have worked out better. But I still want to punch his former "person" in the nose if I ever see her bitch-ass again.


She's a gorgeous cat! I'm glad you're keeping her. We got one of our beasties this way. The tenants were moving out and kindly offered to just put him outside to fend for himself before leaving him behind. He's better off with us and so is this sweet girl. Hooray for happy endings!


What a cute little kitty. How could anyone leave her behind? What a good neighbor to be taking care of her. Happy to see you've got a new addition to your family and new home.


She's a beautiful cat. How horrible that her previous family just abandoned her that way. I hope she and Indie get along. Love the name.

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