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Threads!! I shudder at the thought (and it's probably why I've yet to take up quilting) - when I worked on costume crew in high school theater, we had one director who was psycho about the threads that would hang down from the costume!! Even if it was a work in progress, that's all she would focus on! :^)
Silly little story (from a fellow RAOKer)


Ah, threads everywhere! I love the thought of just covering them up with the batting and quilt backing... wish I could hide all of my loose knitting ends like that... I am not the biggest fan of weaving in :P

So, you are thinking about Maryland next year? We can show you a good time!

Gina Halladay

Hey knitter/quilter/crafty girl--you have cute stuff on you site!
I am a Denyse Schmidt fan and I thought you may be interested in a sneak peak of her new fabric line "Flea Market Fancy" on my web site www.QuiltersBuzz.com
Happy crafting. Gina

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