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About the weird squares, I can think of two solutions ... I would cut out the remaining damaged square fabric and then stitch in a black cotton square in its place by hand. It will only be difficult on the fourth square side, but you can fudge those stitches (heck, use the wunder-under for just that side). Then, I would quilt only the top to match the swoopy lines and leave the bottom piece alone.

If you decide instead to applique something over the holes, I'd mimic one of the flower patterns from the red fabric. Create a large floral design and have the swoopy quilt lines be like the stems of the flowers ... just some thoughts.


Oh no, how frustrating! I don't know anything about quilting, but Erin's comments above sound pretty good. I think that the rips will be easy to miss because this quilt is so stunning! You did great work, Caro :)


Your quilt is amazing!! I vote for Erin's first suggestion on replacing the square. I learned applique technique (not that I've used it since!) in a quilting class last year, and I bet if you used small needle, silk thread, and small stiches, the repair won't be noticeable at all. But maybe do it tomorrow. Today, margaritas, if you know what I mean. ;)


Love it! So sorry about the yucky places :(


Its easy enough to applique the new piece down - but if you have a quilt shop (or other hobby sewing store) locally, you might try taking it in and asking for help. Everywhere I've lived the hobby shops are absolutely wonderful about offering help with fixes.


Are you subscribed to the Austin SnB yahoo group? Somebody posted about a similar problem a while ago (old quilt; worn-out fabric on several squares) and got a few constructive suggestions.

The quilt is beautiful overall though--I just recieved a quilt as a gift and I am just amazed at how much labor goes into them. Very impressive!


Beautiful quilt. Sorry about the ripped squares, that's the sort of thing that happens to me all the time. I'm loving your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

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