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Hi Caro :) Yeah, my thrift stores are hit or miss. I find a lot of acrylics and cotton blends, and sometimes I am really lucky to get an awesome wool or silk blend.

It is quite a good entrepeneurial pursuit, however... I know some people do it on Ebay...

Hope you have a nice weekend!


Keep checking out the thrift stores. In Texas, it's a matter of what season you're shopping in. You can find almost unworn wool sweaters in Texas thrift shops, sometimes nice handknit ones that someone was gifted by a Northern-dwelling relative and they won't wear them here so they end up at Goodwill and the like. Most Texans won't buy them either - not even when they're cheap. We have some real issues here with wool - I think it's a cultural bias. It's amazing that we actually raise a ton of sheep in this state.


Just wanted to say I really enjoy your Blog.

You are very talented! I hope to get shopping with you soon.



Would this really work? Everytime I've unraveled anything knitted, it looked like old ramen noodles...

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