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Heh, be careful with that Homo Milk down there in Texas. And do they call it "skimmed" milk in Canada, or is that just in England? That's actually probably more correct, but it always got me every time. ;-)


WOW! That sounds super confusing - especially if your like me and you hate to have to search for things...kind of interesting though..."Uncle Sam" cereal...not sure if I want to try that one. I wonder what kind of suprise they have inside the box...? Ha.


I think American milk tastes a little better than Canadian milk. I grew up in Newfoundland and we always called it whole milk - even though I think the carton said Homo (there were some American military bases on the island and maybe we adopted some of their expressions). However, our Kit Kat bars taste better than they do in the US.


Here in the UK we have full fat milk as blue, semi-skimmed as green and skimmed as red.

And there's the different milks: pasteurised, sterilized, evaporated, condensed, and probably loads more that I can't remember. I used to love the sterilized milk as a child, it came in a glass bottle with a long thin neck!



I love this subject having lived in both countries. There is a difference in the milk. I think it's the vitamins added, but this Easter I made my same rice pudding recipe in WA that I make in Vancouver and the WA rice pudding developed a very tough skin.

The corn flakes and corn pops are definitely different.

When I first shopped for baking soda in Vancouver I was looking for an orange Arm and Hammer box. Turns out it's Cow brand in a blue box here.

I could go on, but enough for now. Maybe I should blog about it.

Happy shopping, Li

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