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I've never seen hail that big!!!

Hope everything survived the ice ball pelting!!


Holy crap! Those things are huge! I know I've never lived anywhere that had hail the size of golfballs! Yikes!


that's so cool! about 10 years ago i almost moved to austin and was on a tour of local apts. the realtor kept sayinig "and this one has covered parking" and i finally asked -- what's the big deal about covered parking.

she said 2 words -- austin hail!


when i went to get my hail damage assessed last week from the previous hailstorm, another lady in the body shop waiting room was telling me about the time she got hail damage while visiting her dad in new york. the insurance guy in NY saw that her windshield was cracked and said basically, "hail doesn't break glass." which is really really funny to people who live in texas, because of course it can if you have hail like we do. though i didn't realize it was quite as huge as in the pictures (since i wasn't going anywhere near outside as it was happening).


thats what I call hail.it's a wonder it didnt break any windows


Wow. We get hail here, and I have heard of golf-ball size hail, but have never seen it, or anything close to it. We get little pellets. And even the "little pellets" sound like they're going to break the windows. Can't CONCEIVE of what those must have sounded (or felt) like!

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