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i'm sorry about your zipper snafu. it still looks loads better than my maxwell zipper.


Oh! Dear! I'm so sorry -- I cringe with empathy for your zipper trouble. I hope you figure out what went wrong so you can get that sucker all zipped up right and being worn soon! My two sweaters with zippers have both come out fine, but I've had some zipper mishaps with regular sewing. Those guys can be tricky!


Yikes! I am so sorry! But just think how great it will look when you get it right.


See, if that were me, I'd just be wearing it as it is and hoping no one notices!

Good luck!


UGH! As someone who hates sewing in zippers I feel for you! It will look great when you re-do it.


Oh no! Good luck with that, C! I have not even ventured into the zippers yet...

Have a good week :)


Nooooooo! I've got to put a zipper in Mariah as well, I'm putting it off for as long as possible. Good luck with the re-do, sending good vibes your way


Oh, Carolyn. I am so sorry. Truly my heart goes out to you...what horror!

major good knitting karma coming your way...have a glass of wine and get to rippin'



Sigh! I can comiserate! I have only installed one zipper into a cardigan and had to re-do it four times!

Here's my advice when it comes to fitting zippers (or joining knit pieces): divide each edge into equal pieces, say fouths or eighths, and mark those with safety pins. That way, you only need to match up shorter sections, (match the first 1/4 of zipper length with the first 1/4 of cardigan edge) and can rip back a few stitches instead of the entire length.

Good luck, it will come out beautiful!


Oh I feel for ya girl...I'm sure you'll get it fixed up in a zippy! haha, no pun intended! :) Good luck!


That photo portrays the very reason I don't sew. I always spent more time ripping than sewing when I tried, so now I make things that only require hand sewing. Anything that calls for more than that, I call my mom for backup. Good luck!


I have always had a fear of knitting something that involves a zipper and now I am even scared-er. Don't give up, missy!


Hey Caro,
Yikes..so sorry about the zipper:(
Hope the seam ripping went well. I'm nervous now, too. I haven't made it to the zipper yet!


I have a similar relationship with zippers. Oy,


Best $12 I ever spent--paid a seamstress to install a zipper.


Not good...Sorry, oh so sorry! Have you thought about sewing it in by hand? Lots of people do it that way. Good luck & I'm crossing my fingers.

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