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Cool! A Lucky Clover sock for your green iPod. How appropriate!


I'll say it again...your Lucky Clover is gorgeous!! Great Ipod!!! When I got mine, I couldn't decide on the green or silver...I got silver! :-)


What a great idea. It makes your i-pod look so sweet and feminine. Cute and functional...who could ask for anything more?


Thanks for your email about Lucky... I am not really sure what I am doing wrong. Maybe a good blocking is in order, but yours looks so good, and mine? well, not so good...

Anyway, great iPod, and great way to use the swatch :)

Take care, C!


What a wonderful gift! I think your swatch idea is a great idea, but I would consider getting an iSkin to protect the iPod and then sheathing that with your swatch. A great way to get your stomach in a huge breathless knot is to watch your purse accidentally overturn and your iPod fall from 4 feet high onto pavement. That tied with when I dropped it on the treadmill and watched it accelerate and hurl into the concret wall gym wall. I really am not that irresponsible, but thankfully, my iSkin has left my iPod without a mark to save me in my moments of lesser grace ;).

I really want to knit a cover/cozy for my iPod to make it look less neon blue (in a whim I got the neon blue case-sigh). I think yours is gorgeous!


that's an excellent idea! i love your ipod. i'm going to check my swatches for something awesome also. ;)


How're you liking the rowan 4ply cotton?
I'm really wanting to knit lucky, but am not so much a cotton fan, does it seem lightweight? or is it more of a heavy drape?


Neat Ipod mini you got. I made an attempt to knit a cozy for it once but it didn't really work out. must have been using the wrong yarn. I'd like to try that lucky clover thingy though, it's a very pretty pattern. But I don't know if I need a whole wrap. I'll check it out. Zipper for Mariah? That's one reason why I'm afraid to try a cardigan. Zippers. Yeah I guess I could make one with buttons but I don't like the way those hang on me. Oh well, Maybe next year!!

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